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What is the nature of MPWLC ?  
M.P. Warehousing & Logistics Corporation (MPWLC) was established in the name of M.P. State Warehousing Corporation in the year 1958 under Agriculture Produce (development and warehousing) Act 1956 with 50% shareholdings of Central warehousing corporation and 50% of State government. Later on,it was repealed by warehousing Corporation act 1962.
M.P. Warehousing & Logistics Corporation is an autonomous body engaged in scientific storage of agriculture and associated produce in the state. As the state is located in the central India and is well connected by rail network and fourteen inter state highway passing through it, storage of food grains and consumer goods has an added advantage.
Where are the Regional office, Branch office & Godown located ?  
  Regional office
Branch office
Godown located
What the MPWLC can store?  
  MPWLC can store all type of food grains, all type of Pulses, all type of Oil seeds, Sugar and Khandsari, all type of Seeds, all type Food material and Processed food, all type of Fertilizers and bone mill, saboodana, rajgira gordhan (Sago) (Ramdhana), salt, cement, cotton bells and yarn bells, jute and jute sun, all type of edible oil & vegetable oil, all type of manures (Urad, Moong, Chana, Bhusi, Choori) chawal ka koda, oil cakes,cotton seeds etc, all type of spicer, aniseed, coriander, turmeric, fenugreek, lovage, poppy etc, red chili, black peeper, shahzira, cardamom, chicory root and chicory powder, soda ash & starch (all type), tea and coffee, vanopaj, sal seed, Harra etc, mahua flower, harra, sal seed, and other vanopaz, chironzi, tendupatta etc.  
How can one use online reservation ?  
  Open the website and click over link online reservation. Fill the complete detail about reservation of godown their location detail about material for store and submit.  
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